Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing involves exercise, nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, and self-care. Baylor University offers faculty, staff and their families a variety of opportunities to help assess, improve and maintain every aspect of physical health.

Resources for Physical Wellbeing

UMR Wellness CARE
Baylor has teamed with UMR Wellness CARE to offer a Baylor Physical Wellbeing program to help you recognize and make the most of your health care opportunities. Read more to discover how to earn rewards when you meet specific goals. Additional wellness resources are available on, including a library of health information, videos and interactive "action plan" tutorials to help you get and stay healthy.
Employee Assistance Program
Are you experiencing something for the first time and are not sure where to turn? As an employee, you and your family members have access to the Employee Assistance Program. Counseling and support services do not end with depression and stress, but are also offered for grief, personal finance, taxes, legal issues, relationships, childcare, nutrition and more.
Teledoc Services - Telehealth Resources
Ever wish the doctor could see you at your home? Well now they can! Learn about telehealth resources available to UMR/United Healthcare members.
Tobacco Cessation Programs
Faculty and staff have access to tobacco cessation programs through our medical insurance plan, the EAP plan, in addition to local community resources.
Living Healthy Resources
Learn about the different resources available to you including personal trainers, exercises programs, nutritional advising, weight loss, and more.
Wellbeing Apps - Physical Wellbeing
Physical Wellbeing support is just an app away. These mobile apps are a great way to support your Physical Wellbeing while on the go!