Financial Wellbeing

Financial insecurity is a leading cause of stress, anxiety and relational strain. Baylor offers numerous opportunities to increase your financial literacy to help you achieve Financial Wellbeing.

Resources for Financial Wellbeing

Retirement Preparation
TIAA is the single service provider of administrative recordkeeping services for the 403(b) and the 457(b) Plans.
CAPTRUST Participant Advisory services
Baylor University has hired CAPTRUST Participant Advisory Services to provide advice on the Baylor Retirement Plan's investment options.
Employee Assistance Program
Receive unlimited free and confidential consultation with a CPA/CFP on a variety of financial matters, which include consumer/credit card issues, debt and bankruptcy, estate planning and eldercare, insurance, personal finance, real estate, and tax issues.
Baylor Family Compassion Fund
The Baylor University Family Compassion Fund, “Compassion Fund”, is a charitable assistance program funded by Baylor faculty, staff, and others, for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to current Baylor faculty, staff, and official retirees and current employees of Baylor’s official vendor partners who work on the campus in support of Baylor. A qualifying need shall be considered any unforeseen situation of the potential recipient or their immediate family members, i.e. spouse or dependent child, that is beyond their control and requires immediate action to avert severe hardship.
Health Savings Account
Faculty and Staff can use tax-free contributions to pay for out of pocket healthcare expenses such as medical, dental, and vision. Money that is contributed into this account will receive interest, and you may event invest these dollars to help you plan for your future medical expenses.
Upwise Financial App
Upwise(TM) from MetLife is a free financial wellness app designed for you to get the most out of your money. Personalized to your specific goals, Upwise recommends actions to complete that build positive financial momentum. Downloadable from App Store and Google Play.
Student Debt Relief & Public Service Loan Forgiveness Information
You may be eligible for Federal Student Loan Debt Relief or Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program. Learn more.